Oration Prayer Beads


As we progress on our spiritual path and consciously raise our vibration there are many tools available to assist our "energetic upgrades." I have found these activational oration beads created by Cynthia Frances-Bacon, CH, Rev. highly supportive to my energy body as I integrate and ground new energies. 


Each set of beads are hand-made by Cynthia and energetically cleared and downloaded with ancient healing codes. Each decade is in honor of a Goddess revered throughout all cultures. The sets are activated through four more ceremonies bringing them energetically to a whole other level.  They are "alive consciousness" programmed with special intentions.


Cynthia custom makes oration sets based on what is most helpful and uplifting for your energy body.  Women entering the Alchemical High Priestess DCM process are asked to have a set custom made as we work with these sets and prayers throughout the process. Each High Priestess set will contain the same sacred symbol charms with the crystals beads and spacers being unique to each woman. 


Women entering the first year New Earth Priestess Process are encouraged to work with these highly activational sets if they feel called. 


More information about oration beads can be found at Cynthia's website: www.mysticangels.net

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