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I'm  excited to share some changes to the New Earth Priestess Process.  I've been called to streamline the process, shorten the time commitment, and pull together outside resources to create a grounded, VALUE ADDED process held within in a STRONG energetic container. This process is shifting and evolving and I'm thrilled with this evolutionary leap forward!

Here are the details:

Weekend Intensives

The new first level of the Priestess Process will include FIVE full weekends engaging the Priestess energies for initiation & activation, creating sisterhood, self-discovery, ritual, living ceremony and soul empowerment. We will touch on ALL the same themes that have been activated in past circles--but in a shortened time frame that honors the acceleration of time/energy happening on the planet. The circle will formally end with a one-day Priestess Emergence Celebration and closing ceremony (or emergence retreat for those circles wishing to emerge in Sedona).

Drum Making Workshop

As a circle you will experience a one-day Drum Making Workshop with renowned drum-making artisan Wayne Manthey. Using a cedar frame and deer hide, you will create your own    handmade,  single-sided drum. What you will walk away with is more than just a drum. The drum symbolizes the heartbeat of life, the heartbeat of community.  It is not simply an art form, but a tool for cleansing, centering and focusing one’s intentions for health and happiness. We schedule the workshop early in the process so you can create a relationship with your drum and begin to use it in ritual and ceremony.

Transitional Gatherings

Between our formal weekends sisters will gather for informal "sister connections" that serve as touch points for the group, a way to keep the energies moving and deepen the experience.   These transitional gatherings are flexible and scheduled as a group.

Additional Support and Tools

Energy Training

This process is DEEP WORK filled with energetic shifts--internal and external.  To understand and support the shifts a Beginning Energy Tools Training course is now included in the process. Guided by Jill Goux, an "Energy Renovator", she helps you discover ways to energetically navigate (with ease) these energetic shifts.  This course teaches awareness that will support and expand your intuition and give you a better understanding of your own energy field.  You'll leave with concrete tools to help you clean, protect, and guide you so you can be grounded, present and feeling connected to your body. The beginning tools training will be scheduled as part of your "sister connections."

Astrology Reading

Self-discovery is integral to this process as we examine ourselves through many lenses. 


Using astrology we can see our path through an archetypal lens and discern what gifts we've come to express, where we might be out of balance, and how to become allies with our inner masculine and feminine.


As part of the process you will receive a 90 minute natal astrology chart reading from Wild Heart Yoga & Astrology. We further explore your astrological make-up during our Archetypes and Sacred Union weekend. Using your chart as a reference, you will create ceremony to bring your masculine and feminine into balance and explore which Goddess archetypes you've embodied in the past and what Goddess energy is asking to be expressed through you NOW.

Art by Amanda Wolf Hara

More Support

Included in the process are two 90 minute processing/coaching sessions with me.  These sessions help you gain clarity and support around your process, the shifts you've called in, and the Priestess awakening within you.  Additionally, women journeying through the process receive $50 off Shamanic BreathworkTM  sessions while in circle.

Optional Ordination

Women completing the process may choose to be ordained as Shamanic Minister through Venus Rising Association for Transformation (ordination fees apply).  Ordained Ministers through this process are authorized to perform all duties of a religiously ordained person.  More information about ordination can be found here:

Ready to Begin?

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By investing in the New Earth Priestess Process you are investing in YOURSELF.  You are saying YES! to your next evolutionary leap, to entering the Mystery, to relaxing into the support of a deeply  feminine container, to sisterhood, growth, and all the shifts and changes that the planet is asking for. WE are the ones we've been waiting for. The time is NOW.  Let's begin this journey TOGETHER.

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