Divine Creation Mysteries

Alchemical High-Priestess Process


The Divine Creation Mysteries is the next octave of the New Earth Priestess Process and takes one even deeper into the Mystery. This alchemical  journey takes you through seven activations of connecting to and awakening your multidimensional self. The Divine Creation Mysteries is a process of magnetizing oneself to the earth, opening to the stars, running full life force energy through all the chakras, creating Divine Alchemy to fully open and activate the Cosmic Heart.  From the place of the fully activated Cosmic Heart we are in balance, merged with Unity Consciousness, acting as Divine Co-Creators of our human experience.  As High Alchemical Priestesses we engage with the cosmic intelligence field and have awakened and activated our own Divine Blueprint.  From this highest perspective we consciously co-create our reality and Priestess the New Earth into existence--from the inside out. 


The DCM process includes seven weekends exploring the following themes:


  • Initiation

  • Raw Power & The Cosmic Heart--Reclaiming the Sacred Warrior

  • Cosmic Womb & The Blood Mysteries

  • Sacred Sexuality

  • Attuning and Transmuting from Shadow to Gift

  • Visioning the New Earth

  • Emerging as High Priestess to the World


Each weekend includes a Shamanic Breathwork™ experience.



Next Circle Begins

August 2018

In Their Words...

"The DCM has allowed me to step more fully into who I really am.  My I Am presence, Christ Conciousness, my "galacticness".  It is work on a cosmic level and a deep down into the earth level.  It has been a process of continually stepping into the unknown, dancing with the Dark Goddess, retrieving ancient gifts from lifetimes ago, conjuring up old outdated pieces of myself that were yet again ready to be healed and transmuted and let go of so more light could take their place.  It has been moments of confusion-of being "in it" and moments of pure clairty.  This process is holding a container for me to move into what I really came here to do.  This process is a journey thru the light AND the dark with INCREDIBLE support from Higher Self,  Sistars, Spirit Guides and the ENTIRE benevolent forces of the Universe.  Get ready yet again to rock your own world!"  --Rebecca Schmitz


"I learned a long time ago that I am a creator but for the first time I am truly feeling what this means! The work we have done collectively on this journey over the past year has undeniably impacted the Whole in a beautiful way.I am deeply grateful for this process and for the women who were born hearing the call of Her inner creator and showing up in all her vibrant fierceness, vulnerability, darkness and light and allowing herself to initiate change, both inner and outer." --Erin Day

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