"This is a powerful process. I immediately felt the strength of current circles and a connection to the depths of lineage from which they have emerged.  If you are yearning for a safe and supported space in which to do your personal "work" as a evolutionary human being, this is a place for you. Welcome and blessed be!"

~Michelle Helsing


"The experience really is a process.  From start to finish, it is a commitment to yourself to grow and change.  You're pushed to your growth edge where you must ask yourself if you are truly ready to change your thoughts, behaviors, and your life.  Nothing is forced, but you will be challenged.  It is truly up to you if you accept the challenge now or wait until you are ready to face it.  You examine what it means to be a woman, to be feminine and most importantly what it is to be human.  It asks you to become more engaged with your authentic self and shed those pieces which no longer serve you.  Shed the pieces that act as barriers to our own sacredness, purpose and growth.  It's a safe space to really explore yourself, your ideas about others and self.  You are your own best healer and your own best teacher." ~A.T.

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"It represents what I became through the process/what happened during/what it did to me"

Brianna Joy Darling, yoga instructor, on the art she created to represent what the Priestess Process meant to her. www.briannadarling.com

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