New Earth Priestess Process


The New Earth Priestess Process is an initiatory path that awakens and activates the "Priestess Within."  It is an evolution of the transformational journey birthed by Nicole Christine* which is a process of DIRECT experience with the archetypal Priestess energies. There is no dogma or formal training.  Priestesses honor their own inner authority and capacity as co-creators with the Divine. They work with the power of sacred intent and co-create living ceremony. The stage is set for deep, personal activation and alchemical shifting, while being held in the support and safety of a deeply feminine container.


The process is a call to uncover your unique and sacred gifts, to connect to your inner power and step fearlessly into your authentic self. This process is a catalyst for deep inner work and should be viewed through the lens of personal empowerment and shamanic initiation. Women completing the process are eligible for optional ordination through Venus Rising Association for Transformation (see below).


The circle begins with a stand-alone introductory weekend where you can experience the Priestess Archetype and Women's Mysteries before committing to the entire process.  If you decide to initiate into the process, you will be guided through the following initiations:


  • Initiation into the Priestess Energies

  • Enlightening the Shadow between Women

  • Telling the Story of your Spiritual Journey

  • Archetypes and Sacred Marriage

  • Conscious Death and Sacred Rebirth


 *The New Earth Priestess Process is an evolution of Nicole Christine's Priestess Process™ ( The foundation of the work has come through the lineage of The Shamanic Priestess Process™ (, and incorporates Shamanic Breathwork™ and other elements passed through the teachings of Linda Star Wolf ( I am grateful for all the amazing teachers and teachings coming through these beautiful lineages.

Priestess Praise


"To be in deep community with women who are committed to empowerment and transformation - nothing could be more supportive and enlivening on this journey of waking up to the wise, wild and powerful women that we are! Sarah's facilitation creates the depth, lightness and support needed for profound inner work and the full range of self-expression, both the shadow and the light. Through this process, old patterns that have kept me from my deepest knowings are falling away, clarity and strength to go after what I really want are rising up within and a new found richness to daily life is emerging. Words cannot fully express how grateful I am for this process. It is a catalyst for great change."~Jessa Walters, Evolutionary Astrologer


"Through telling my story (which was gut-wrenchingly hard), I learned the power of being totally transparent, honest, and HUMAN in a group I could totally trust to honor my experience and accept me anyway. This circle experience is not for the timid, that's for sure.  But, if you are willing to just show up, the process takes care of itself and all will be well.  Definitely worth the financial and time investment."

~Leah Murtagh, owner, Embrace the Wobble Yoga Studio


I was craving a deeper connection with myself as a woman. I wanted to cultivate community with other unruly women. I longed for ritual, access to the healer within me, and an introduction into the sacred history of Wild women like me. When I said yes to this process, I didn't really understand what it was. I just knew I had to do it. I was right. This is the perfect next step in my journey back to the truth of who I am. I'm so grateful." ~Christy Farr, Catalyst,


"This process is a way to deepen your spiritual connection and reignite your soul. It's a journey of letting go, surrendering and acceleration all at once." ~Amanda Sowadksi, Women's Leadership Coach,  Co-Founder of The Institute for Feminine Leadership



**Optional Ordination

**Women completing the process may choose to be ordained as Shamanic Ministers through Venus Rising Association for Transformation, authorizing them to perform all duties of a religiously ordained person.

"In my work to Awaken the Priestess, I am enthralled to witness each woman soften into the sacred feminine and radiantly bring forth amazing strength activated for the Highest Good.  She becomes a Priestess to the World.  The woman she is walks in harmony with all creatures.  The Priestess she is knows all life is Sacred.  The Goddess she is sees and honors the God/Goddess in everyone."  ~Nicole Christine, Founder/Creatrix of The Priestess Process™

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