Shadow Play!

Navigating the Hall of Mirrors

Six Week Shadow Intensive

(Coming Soon)




Join Sarah for a six week deep dive into the world of shadow.  During our time together we will explore:


  • The concept of shadow from a Jungian and psycho-spiritual perspective

  • External triggers and how they relate to our inner processes

  • The concept of projection

  • Shadow archetypes and personas

  • Shadow behaviors

  • The link between the shadow and the inner child

  • How to find and release imprinted programs


Do you know where your blind spots are? 

Shadow work is most powerful when done in a group setting where we serve as mirrors for each other. We will create a strong container for each woman to deeply dive into her own shadow, while being held in the support of the group energies. The container will be opened for shadow to come up in a safe space.  Expect to have triggers and old patterns rise to the surface to be witnessed and integrated!




The shadow intensive will include 5 Monday night meetings and a full one-day Shamanic Breathwork experience. All sessions will take place at Sarah's home in Golden Valley.

The schedule is as follows:  TBD Spring/Summer 2018

Energy Exchange: $333


Space is limited to eight women.

A $50 non-refundable deposit will hold your space in the circle.


Shadow work is the most rewarding, most empowering work I've done.  Each layer of diving into shadow brings another layer of wholeness.  Hidden in our shadow is our GOLD.  Let's dig in and mine it ♥


As we change ourselves, we change the world!  

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